Dear Church Family,

This past week, the State of Washington approved Thurston County’s application to move to Phase 2 of The WA State “Safe Start” reopening plan. Hours later, Governor Inslee announced the new guidelines for religious services in counties approved for Phase 2.

This is exciting news and is an answered prayer which will provide us the opportunity to begin meeting in person at our church building. We have been planning for this occasion for some time but did not expect it to occur this quickly. The directives that have been issued will take some time to implement. It is our intention to be in compliance with; requirementsguidelines, and common-sense practices. Permission to meet is only one part of the equation for us. Keeping our church family and guests as safe as possible will also be a necessary consideration.



Services will continue to be livestreamed after we begin meeting in person. Beginning June 7, we will livestream our services at 9am & 11am to coincide with the actual in-person service times. 


This will be our first “in-person” service under the “Safe Start” reopening plan. It will require your cooperation to ensure that we maintain compliance and safety for our church family and guests. 

As a church family living out the Scripture’s tenants, we understand what it means to protect those most vulnerable. If you have compromised health through an underlying condition or are in the more susceptible age range that the CDC has published (over 65 years of age) Please consider foregoing in-person attendance. We do love and miss you but will completely understand if you feel this guidance is best for you

If you have any of the symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus please do not attend our in-person service, but instead, watch the live-stream service. Please do contact us though, so we can pray for your health and quick recovery and also provide any assistance that we can.

900 SERVICE – 

                    Venue#1-  Auditorium-      (in-person worship- 50 capacity)

                    Venue#2-  Teen Room-      (overflow- simulcast video of worship- limited capacity)


            1100 SERVICE 

                        Venue#1-         Auditorium-     (in-person worship- 50 capacity)

                        Venue#2-         Teen Room-      (overflow- simulcast video of worship- limited capacity)

Subsequent Sunday services will be a variant of these with more options provided as demand increases and as we progress through the WA State “Safe Start” reopening plan.


RSVP will be required: 

This allows us to plan efficiently, maximize space usage, and streamline your worship experience to minimize your risk and exposure. We will be sending each person in our church a link to a registration form that will allow you the opportunity to sign up for the service and venue of your choice. A confirmation email will be sent after completion. An alternative for those unable to use this option is to call the church office @ 360-438-0455 and leave a message with your preference. A return call will be made by someone to confirm your choice with you. 

Privacy concernsAccording to Amy Reynolds, communications director with the Washington State Department of Health, social media posts “are not accurate summaries of contact tracing or enforcement.”The Department of Health in Washington state confirmed to the AP News that contact tracing participation is voluntary. Sunbreak’s policy-The record of your attendance we acquire through RSVP use will be retained for two weeks for church use only, your privacy will be safeguarded. If we become aware of someone who has contracted the virus in a service you attended, we will contact you and let you know that you have had potential exposure to someone(Non-specific, name).

Seating will be by household groups.

This will allow us enough room to provide the distance requirements and accommodate everyone that is eager to return to meeting again.

Face masks will be required for every person attending at all times.

Please prepare by bringing your own mask. We will have a limited supply of disposable masks for those who forget or are without one to use.

Worship will be family style. (No children’s ministry or SS classes).

We would love to return to church as usual, but this is just not feasible. Worshipping family style, will be an adjustment and the service will look different. We will have a children’s story in the worship time and shorten the sermon to accommodate our kids. Tolerating a little “ambient kid noise” will be a small price to pay to meet again thoughJright??

No physical contact.

Hugs would be awesome as we see each other for the first time in months. Not an option right now thoughLJust a wink, a smile, and maybe an “air hug” will have to suffice.

Social distancing must be maintained.

Please stay in your household seating and enter and exit the building in a manner that follows the 6’ social distancing rule.

All entrance and exit must be through the designated doors. (no wandering around the building)

This is your building and we would love to have you use every inch of it. Moving around outside designated areas though would exponentially increase the work in executing our cleaning and disinfecting protocol. Also, utilizing all of our entrances would not allow us to manage the flow of people as required.

Restrooms are available but only two people at any time are allowed within.

This is another requirement of the “Safe Start” plan designed to limit social exposure. There will be two numbers hanging on the bathroom doors, “1” &”2”. Please flip the number over as you enter and turn it back over as you exit the bathroom. If there are no numbers visible, then there are two people already in the bathroom, so please wait for one or both to exit before you go in.

An offering box will be available near the entrance/exit door

We will not be passing the offering bags as normal. We have provided a variety of ways to give electronically*and strongly urge you to consider one of these. Giving electronically dramatically reduces the logistics of ministry for our volunteer Finance Team and helps to keep them safe too. We do understand if you decide not to do this and we will still try to provide opportunity for everyone who desires to worship through giving.

Additional Information regarding local requirements for Phase 2 religious services



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