How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! – Psalm 133:

Dear Sunbreak,

Love is what guides us! It is precious and sweet to have harmony and oneness and a like-mindedness in the fellowship of God. We are also reminded to look out for the good of our neighbors and other believers and do good for them above our own desires, out of love. (Romans 15:2, Galatians 6:10)

We are excited as we navigate the coming weeks and months and begin the process of regathering in person for worship, we want to remember that we navigate it with love. We love God, we love each other, we love our community. We proceed into re-gathering as a group with love, safety and grace in our hearts.

Today, we are anxiously making preparations for the coming day when we gather in person to worship again as a body of believers. We want you to know that we are monitoring the next timeline set out for regathering in large group settings of 50. We will continue to follow the phased guidelines set forth by the governor, and the directions he has given for Washington and Thurston county to follow on the phased-in approach of re-opening our state.

As we prepare, begin and continue to meet during this pandemic, we will monitor guidelines and make modifications as needed that will protect the health and well being of all our congregation. We are about life and saving lives both physically and spiritually; we will continue to do so. Join us as we continue to pray for our nation, President, Governors and leaders, those in sickness in our church and outside. Pray for the opportunity to minister to those around us during this difficult time.

In the near future we will be sending out a survey for you to complete to help us as we begin the process of re-gathering. When you receive this, please take the time to complete the survey.

Thank you for continued love, support and grace as we make every effort to promote love, life, and health in our congregation. We really miss seeing everyone and look forward to the day when we gather together in person. Be sure to join us online again this Sunday on YouTube for worship as we look forward to hearing from Pastor Bobby this week and an update on his health.  

Your Pastors
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